Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Walking the Earth

That's right, I have a month to kill. I am loading up the truck and preparing for a walk about. If you want me to stop by your dojo on my journey, let me know. I will even let you feed me!

At this point I will be in Dallas through the weekend and in Oklahoma next week. I might head up to Indiana after that, but I am not really sure yet.

Let me know -


  1. If you drop by the Denton Dojo (Jack Bieler's place), say hi to my wife Amanda if you see her.

  2. If you're in southwest MS on the 17th, we're going to have a playday that youre welcome to attend...

  3. It was good seeing you tonight, and even better having you corrupting my students! I hope you have fun on your journey and find some new cool jems to polish up along your way.


  4. Please Do drop by the Denton Dojo! We are at 223 West Oak St, Denton TX 76201. Saturday classes are: Iaido 9:30, Jodo 11:00, Aikido 12:30, Lunch 2:00. You got my cell. If you need a place to stay, I have bedrooms, breakfast, and a full bar. If you see Waddell-sensei, please tell him Hi for me.

  5. I can vouch that Jack's got a sweet pad. Just don't let the donkey inside.

  6. I guess I'm about a thousand miles in the other direction, but it would be great to have you up here for a good thrashing and some cold beers in my Saloon...

    John @ Dojo Rat

  7. Hope you enjoy your time and wanderings!

    At some point I have to sit down and watch the kung fu series, which I think is where your image is from here.