Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tomiki Aikido - Junana Hon Kata (17) In Japanese

Here is the list of the Kenji Tomiki's 17 kata in Japanese. Often I wish to research the characters and they can be hard to find. As the KyuRyu AikiBudo blog develops I plan on doing in depth translations of all the technique names and explanations of the characters.

For you non Japanese folks this list might come up on your computer as a bunch of question marks, or some sort of scrambled eggs. You have to mess with your settings somehow.


・正面当て ・相構え当て ・逆構え当て ・下段当て ・後ろ当て

・押し倒し ・腕返し ・引き倒し ・腕捻り ・脇固め

・小手捻り ・小手返し ・転回小手捻り ・転回小手返し

・前落とし ・隅落とし ・引き落とし

From the Shodokan website

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