Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This past weekend one of my Shodans was out drinking.

A lady he had a casual friendship surprised him and attacked him - striking him twice in the face. She was drunk, serious and wanted to throw down. On top of that she is athletic and a trained martial artist as well.

Surprised - the blows moved him to action. He started moving her around the floor and setting her down, time and time again.

After a while she gave up. It was impossible for her to try to fight someone was wasn't even fighting her back - yet kept helping her to a safe place.

So - great success to the KyuRyu school. We produced a man who does not need to hurt people yet will not allow himself to be hurt.

No great war stories, no splendid application of technique. Just a moment of trouble - action then peace.

Peace through harmonious action. Both people win from a lose-lose situation.


I recall a Jiyushinkai bumper sticker that said -

"peace and harmony through nonviolent action."



  1. Congratulations to your student for passing this
    unexpected extension of his shodan testing.

  2. Bravo! i love it when stuff works-- i too have been attacked by mad drunk women in bars-- i too opted for the "no spectacular ending" response -- i made it my practice to no longer seriously drink in bars (to many dangerous variables to account for)-- if i wanted to tie one on i would do it in a more controled enviroment (just stacking the odds)
    Now, years later i no longer drink period except on very special occasions--- an even more extreme form of evasion -- self-defense from the self!