Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Subtle Kuzushi With Hips

Here at KyuRyu we have not been filming much lately. But today I accidentally brought my camera. We have not been working anything flashy. Instead the focus is on smaller and smaller drills focusing on different expressions of balance breaking. Today I was inspired by the TaiChi classics and all it's writing on hip movement. Typically my martial work is based on foot movement, so we has fun switching up the game.

What is happening here? My partner is pushing into me, nice and even. I have to negate the power of his push with my hip motion. We found we could break the persons balance and walk them down a tight rope for a good amount of time. After we filmed we added arms and stepping and were throwing people crazy across the mat. But in the film you get only the small boring stuff, because that is the only important work.


  1. Dude, what happened to your hair? Mine is just now growing out so that I can be like you and you went and did this!?

    How are you ever going to have strong aikido if you keep cutting your hair?

  2. Yep this is my first public piece with short hair. It had been 6 years since my last haircut. I hope this doesn't ruin my chances of becoming head of aikikai.

  3. I think the short hair has a more Jet Li, "warrior monk" kind of look. Cool.

  4. Haircut? I was thinking that you had to go to Court.

    That's a great drill, we do a lot of that in push hands practice. Subtle is good!

  5. who's the dork with the short hair? Can you stay in austin with short hair or do you have to pay a fine?