Sunday, May 17, 2009

Uki Waza - a Dance of Centers

Ok, thought it was time to see my lil' dojo working on this stuff. Lowry Sensei and I had a discussion when he came down about forgetting all that arm twisting stuff in mae otoshi. I agree. Not only that, I have to believe that the arms are not important in these techniques. These are techniques of pure center. Don't worry I plan on supporting that statement.

Now check out this picture. A Jiyushinkai fellow. Good artists, but I challenge the notion of putting so much pressure on the arm.

I don't even think my arm goes up that far. This stuff is supposed to be about centers...right?


  1. i like it! -- very sweet demo of principle line function-- particularly like your use of jo and bo etc. and plan to steal it (thank you in advance)--- the activity of the coiling arms and joint locking in distorting posture or "suggesting direction" are only useful when they dont interfere with the application of the lines or the funtion of the freely moving cenrter of gravity -- if the coiling /locking action begins to predominate the waza, the principle mechinism of the throw tends to get muddled-- when everything is cool, hands support the actions of the feet-- foot work (mostly ) drives the center and its all about the action/movment of the center--
    ps. i think if you consider uke's line off his little toes and the idea of extention of your step down this line you will get the no-kneeling application of uki-otoshi aka hikiotoshi-- this has the feeling of streaching your back step (still throwing with body drop just coupled with extention) -- of course there is nothing the matter with kneeling either except that strategically it may be a poor choice given the particular vissectitudes of the moment

  2. Very, very nice. I like how you present the technique open hand, with the jo, and with the belt. It helps really see the technique.