Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dojo Rat's Sequence

Dojo Rat posted a film on his blog of an aiki sequence he was working on. The aiki blog community jumped in and gave some analysis.

conversation at Dojo Rat

I volunteered the KyuRyu crew to shoot a version.

I have to say I find this blog community fascinating. Such a hybrid of social networking, martial academia, technology and peer review technical writing. Awesome I tell you...awesome. A Tai Chi guy can have his technique evaluated by guys from around the world. Neat

I am still waiting for those Kaze Uta Budo Kai guys to get their act together on the multi media front.

*pokes Nick with sharp stick*


  1. Me too!!! My schedule only allows me to go to early morning classes, so I don't get a chance, very often, to get to hear Nick, Kyle and the plethora of other wonderful brains. Some videos would be lovely.

  2. Very Cool!
    You guys are so smooth, and I am learning a lot.
    I'll cross-post this on Dojo Rat later this week!

  3. nice motion. I'll actually likely be able to post my take on this later this week because my lovely wife bought me a new digital camera!

  4. Well... I'll tell ya Eric. I thought we had things lined out, ready to crank out some stuff. Then the editing guys decided they wanted to use different software. So, welcome to the learning curve again.

    In the end, I know this is best. It took me several iterations to find the right setup for embedding video on our forum. I'm happy with my end result, but it took about six months of research, trial and error.

    Overall, I like what you've done with this (not that I dislike what Dojo Rat was working on to begin with). Changing grip can be problematic from time to time. By changing the grip structure you eliminate the need for change -- bravo.

    With the kote-gaeshi, instead of coming to the forearm you could slide slightly deeper to the elbow. There is an absolutely lovely form of sumi-otoshi that lives there. Here's a link to the Kaze Uta Budo Kai forum ( This post has more of a Judo twist, but also links to an Aikido version. The main difference is which foot is forward at the time of the throw. Just a little something to play with. I'm not saying I'd change or eliminate the kote-gaeshi -- just sharing a possibility to see if you like it.

  5. Ouch! you'll be happy to hear i just shot an hour an a half on walking and 1-4 releases-- more shooting and playing with editing scheduled all week