Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Release Motion - Hanasu No Kata

In the Tomiki system of Aikido there is a short 2 man kata. I learned it as the Musubi Renshu (entanglement exercise) in the Jiyushinkai. I believe it is more popularly known as the hanasu no kata (release kata)

When I learned this kata in a very rigid and formal structure. People tend to train using the same setup, same mai, same set of circumstances. This is all fine, I like solving problems using the movement principles the kata suggests. However I like to constantly throw problems into the system. Circumstances should never be comfortable.

Tonight Michael and I had a workout that demonstrates the KyuRyu method of decoding kata. In my mind, each technique is a kata unto itself. It becomes a launching point for creativity. Tonight we did an hour and a half of the release kata and we never got past the first motion. The first motion is called the Hon Soto Hanasu. (basic outside release)



  1. Man, I really like how you guys use different distances and weapons while demonstrating the same technique.
    Especially the Broom-Fu

    Seriously, how about a very short stick like a kubotan? I'm big into pocket weapons.

  2. I LOVE the releases. There's so much there. Nick had us try them once without moving our feet, just our center (up and down, turning). The action becomes very small and compact, but still brutally effective. Hell, Nick has thrown me (in the air) with just the first step of the first release (like a sumi otoshi).

    And the counters/escapes to many of the 17 end up being, what else? a form of a release.

  3. I really think adding differing connections and distances is a key part of internalizing the principle of a motion.

    Keep fewer techniques and learn to apply them in more situations. This is one of my guiding ideas.

  4. Is this not just the traditional nikyo?

    I love the jo work, especially where you just use the pressure of your palm to keep connection.

    I did worry a bit about your mate turning his back to initiate the movement a lot.

    Still, great stuff and something we will have a go at in London shortly.