Sunday, August 23, 2009

Instructor Bobby Joe Blythe films a student in felony

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I got a film passed to me the other day. I clicked on it at first thinking it was a humorous film. It wasn't. It was akin to a snuff film. It was a film of a martial artist beating a man criminally. I feel dirty and pissed that I even saw it.

In 1984

Basically a dojo brings a man in. The senior student surprise attacks him. After a battle the man is knocked out. The student continues to kick in the head of the victim. They drag him knocked out in obvious medical shock out of the dojo, blood trailing the whole way. They throw the man in a dumpster behind the dojo.

No one in the dojo stops it. They film it. They post it on You Tube 25 years later, bragging about it. One guy found it and posted it on Bullshido is heading a big investigation and trying to get these guys thrown in prison.

Now I just can't bring myself to post the link to the video here. It will ruin your week. Seriously.

(edit a day later)

I have been thinking about it. This blog is has no clout unless you have access to the video. People need to get upset about this so the information will get passed to the right people. If you are good at investigating, have law enforcement, legal or media powers check out and help them at Make sure you read their work before you post stuff.

I am warning you, it is sick and sad. You will be angry and unable to shake it. Don't watch it. Seriously, don't watch it.

Sick video of Bobby Joe Blythe

Here is the investigating site.

Bullshido investigation

Big props to the MMA guys at bullshido for not putting up with this.


  1. No way the victim survived. He either drowned in his own blood, or died from brain swelling/head trauma soon after.

  2. Some people will say this was a perversion of Karate values. I am not convinced of that.

    What happens when someone is trained to constantly defer to authority, in matters large and small, and then that authority is unexpectedly challenged? They step up to defend that authority--as this is necessary to validate their past craven behavior.

    In other words, it was an act of self-defense. It just so happens that the "self" in question here was a fantasy projection. This video reminds us all that fantasies can kill.

  3. he is a piece of s%$t human being and his karate is a joke...i would love to have a chance to smack him and his weak @s$ student around like he did this challenged individual...he showed the world he doesnt teach martial arts..he teaches weak looking pansy moves and weak @$% students that prey on those lesser than a lifelong practitioner- "anti" martial arts is what it looks like to me...a marine, huh? must be be a member of the vagina squad...