Monday, August 17, 2009

Randori training with back injury

Back injuries are surprisingly common. We get them from all kinds of places such as work, training, age and accidents. Whet ever the reason as aiki artists we must either modify our practice to accomodate the injured, or we will lose valuable members.

I no longer like the kind of training were the injured get to throw and never do ukemi. This is not a fair energy exchange. Instead we have been focusing our injured back program on non stress release motions, weapons work and a special form of free play randori.

Scooter got into a car wreck a month ago and has been having lots of back issues. We found that we are having to modify his workout program. Here is one game we are playing.

Super important - this might not work for you. Listen to your body, don't work through pain. We are not doctors so don't take our exercise as gospel. It is what works for our injured at the moment.

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