Thursday, August 13, 2009

Home Made Training Dummy Contest

Look at the above picture. That guy is so cool. What do those Chinese artists have that I don't have?

Cool uniforms? I got them. Plus I have magician clothes.

Styles based on the animals? my wife says I have perfected Drunken Ass.

I know, the cool wooden dummy.

Wooden dummies are just plain neat. I have wanted one since I was 14. I got to play around on one when I was a Wing Chun student, but really I have not had the time to trance out on one.

Last night it occurred to me that I was never going to shell out the money to buy one. The traditional dummies do not move in a way that would be helpful to my current martial training anyways. Then a spark of inspiration hit. I have so much crap in the garage. I bet there is a training dummy in here somewhere. 3 hours later I had a pretty good workable first version. Cost - free. I worked out on it for about an hour. I gotta say it was nice getting back to some sweaty garage training. This was the way I used to train 12 years ago - just losing myself, by myself. My current art form has the nice space, the students and all that, but there is something cool about having a little space at the house you can go trance out at.

So here is the contest. I know you want a training dummy. Especially all you Chinese artists...I know you do. So you have two weeks, get out there and make one! Money is not important. Use found objects, the world is full of stuff. Tweak the design to work with your martial art. Let's think outside the box people! Sign up for the contest below and email me a picture of your creation by August 23, or better yet a short video of you working it over.

I said it was a contest! That means prizes! Every person who enters the contest will come away with a brand new training dummy. How awesome is that?



  1. Sounds like fun! Here's my entry.

  2. I like this one the best, for practical usages.