Friday, August 28, 2009

Justice for Kung Fu guy - Bobby Joe Blythe films

(edit) updated Aug 29, 2009

There finally appears some news confirmation that the law enforcement has picked up the case.

KMPH news

I reported a story going viral on the budo circuit earlier this week, Bobby Joe Blythe's insidious fight club dojo. There is a current wave of people trying to help out and figure out all the facts in the case.

Bobby Joe Blythe also posted a series of other videos, including a deluded lecture to the group of his black belts. This the the dark side of martial arts.

A recap

Basically a dojo brings a man in. The senior student, Willie J. Dennis, surprise attacks him. After a battle the man is knocked out. The Willie J. Dennis continues to kick in the head of the victim. They drag him knocked out in obvious medical shock out of the dojo, blood trailing the whole way. Supposedly they throw the man in a dumpster behind the dojo.

No one in the dojo stops it. They film it. Many of the students of the dojo have law enforcement connections, so there is a good chance of a coverup. They post it on You Tube bragging about it. One guy found it and posted it on Bullshido is heading a big investigation and trying to get these guys thrown in prison.

Want to see how the investigation is going and get an overview of the story? Here is a good website giving an overview of the case and people involved.


Another good site

This is not the attack video. This video shows a lecture from Bobby Joe Blythe to his black belts. It is especially disgusting knowing the violence these guys are capable of.

This man (popularly known now as kung fu guy, KFG) was ambushed and possibly murdered in a dojo in (supposedly) 1984. The date was possibly changed on the video. Do you know him? There is a rumor he might have survived. Personally I doubt he survived due to the extensive damage he received.

In case you have missed it, here is the criminal attack video. I am posting this so people can get mad and send this on to people who can make a difference. I am warning you, it is sick and sad. You will be angry and unable to shake it. Don't watch it. Seriously, don't watch it.

Sick video of Bobby Joe Blythe

Have some spare time and are internet and investigation savy? Please read as much of their investigation as you can before you post on their investigation thread.

Bullshido investigation


  1. Wow. Who knew Bobby Joe Blythe was a Sith master? This is really the dark side folks. Do yourself a favor, don't watch the video. This is repulsive, criminal behavior at its finest.

    I hope the guys at Bullshido have some luck with this.

  2. I was blown away by the original video. It's easy to be periferally aware of the kind of terrible things one person can do to another, but when you actually see someting like this it's disgusting. I hope they throw these scumbags under the jail. It turned my stomach.

  3. This is not from 1984, Blythe talks about getting an e-mail, so it had to be after 1991, not to mention, between the time he dies and it cuts when he says the date... the blood changes on the floor.

    Check this site and look under the crime tab for the best article I've seen on this so far.

  4. Anonymous,

    thanks for the info and the link. I edited into the body of this blog.

  5. The video was taken December 13th 1984, however , the victim survived according to this Washington Post article:

    (in case you need an ID and password to read it on the WP, the same article can also be found in its entirety on this blog

  6. hrey im the haad from bullshido if anyone finds a few other articles of this report it to us well delete it if its all old an if its new itll help dont tlk too much on it tho if u cant read the threads tho warwheel is havin enuf trouble fixing it up as it is

  7. I really don't think he says "e-mail" but rather something to the effect of "I got an amen," as if responding to his student mockingly answering in the affirmative (i.e. "yes" or "that's right") because the victim said Jesus was his master.

  8. "Chuck Feldbush, a retired Prince William police detective...saw the man in the days after the incident and noticed him limping.

    "You could tell he had been beaten severely," Feldbush said. "He wasn't very cooperative and didn't want to pursue charges."

    Exactly. Nobody was murdered. There was no death. So those of you who want to jump the gun and spread misinformation ("Personally I doubt he survived due to the extensive damage he received"-author, "not to mention, between the time he dies and it cuts when he says the date"-anon), try and restrain yourselves. It's way too easy in modern times to unjustly ruin a person's life because some asshole took it upon themselves to exact justice for a crime that wasn't commmitted.

    1. The assault was still a horrendous crime. Blythe and Dennis are both terrible people and should have been charged and convicted. They're not the victims.

  9. Yeah right, if this such and such cop said this and that, where is the victim? THAT WAS 1984!

    FYI, Bobby Joe Blyth knew all the cops in his town. This is definitely a cover up.

    If he did not die from this, where is his name? I'm sure that cop got a record of that somewhere right?

  10. You would think the cops would come up with proof that he didnt die if that were truly the case.

  11. This is very wrong and I can't believe this Sensei thinks this is the martial arts way.

    Sensei Strange,

    Can we exchange blogs?

  12. This is the way of Shindo khan Okinawan karate as was explained to other students and I from Bobby Joe Blythe. This is what we did in his dojo. Excuse my spelling as it's been years and I'm working from memory. We'd have a little bit of streaching. Little cotta. Hit the makawari board (sp?) until our knuckles were bleeding ..and spar the rest of the session. If someone would pass by and yell something in the door; Blythe would have us chase them down and kick ass. From time to time people would come in and disrespect Blythe, then he'd try to get them to spar with one of us. He was a crazy guy.

    The story is after he came back from Viet Namn he gave being a peace time Marine a try ..working at TBS (The Basic School for Officers) in Quantico as a close combat instructor. He somehow pissed off the brass and either left after his enlistment us up or was given the boot ..ending up a civilian with a dojo off base and also working as a flight instructor for small aircraft.

    All students were afraid of Blythe ..even his black belts. If you did not continue punching and kicking on someone until he ordered you to stop; he would smack you around. I've heard people ask .."Why didn't they stop??" his black belt from pounding the guy down. Well, Blythe would have beat them and the black belt silly. If fact, my guess is that he did beat on his black belt afterwards for sloppy technique. This guy had just received his black belt essentially he was a brown belt. Blythe probably had white, green, and brown belts that could handle the black belt in a sparring match. Blythe also use to have night fighting in that little dojo ..he would turn out the lights and would keep a couple of night lights plugged into the walls. I use to hate it. There were a lot of injuries during night fighting was ugly and would get out of hand when he'd unplug the all nightlights. Did I mention Blythe was crazy? Bobby Joe Blythe knew how to fight and how to teach others. Only problem was you were sure to be injured often. I know I'm rambling on ..I just wanted all to know how it really was for his students.

    If you and the Bulshindo guys want to contact someone who really knows most of went on in Blythe's dojo; then contact Robert Zingg in
    West Virginia

    Hope I was of some help....

  13. So the Washington Post reports that "Chuck Feldbush, a retired Prince William police detective...saw the man in the days after the incident and noticed him limping.

    That's it ? No proof whatsoever, just someone who may or may not be involved on some level or trying to protect someone who was involved or maybe trying to put a lid on any kind of investigation in the police department.

    Seems any kind of investigative reporting is a lost art at the newspapers. The Washington Post probably just made a phone call and someone claiming to be Feldbush said he saw the Kung Fu guy a couple days later. Case closed. Are you kidding me? Wonder how many journalism awards that story will earn.haha

  14. As a former student of Sensei Blythe I can honestly say we never abused anyone, we had sparring matches once a week, I took a knee in one match due to a shot in my ear that vacumed and for a time I was deaf in that ear. Sensei Blythe stopped the match shortly after i took the knee and all were very respectfull. I don't kmow where some get off saying that we feared Sensei Blythe, far from it as Sensei made a point of no fear, particularly of him, as a point of fact, many times Sensei would sit with a student, me being one, and get us to focus on specific abilities if we were lacking in others, to make us as able in self defense as possible until the lacking abilities caught up. If a student felt ignored or felt fear, that may have been due to a false interest in Karate and no motivation. Sensie taught me the art of Chi and it has saved me in many fights as a bouncer, skip tracer and repossesor along with saving my life in a bad auto accident.
    I noticed this video a few years ago and spoke with Sensei about it. I don't know what was involved, but i will not judge on what i don't know, what I do know is that much of what people say about Sensei's teaching is false, if he speaks harshly it is because the student/s needed a push, but once rolling there was no better instructor, and I have been through Nam Quan Do Kung Fu and Tae Kwan Do schools.
    I am certainly repulsed by the video, but I have to wait for all the fact before I judge Sensei Blythe as many here have. John Hargis

    1. Hi John Hargis Sr, do you happen to know this guys name? The one that gets beat up in the video..